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I was just suprised by this. These aren't even the best deals I found, but wow.... 6 dollars for some of those pedals, 11 for a multi-effect...

If this is spam, tell me, and I'll delete it, but this just surprised me...
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Look at how long is left- several days. Price often starts low, and there is often a reserve. They aren't deals until they're sold.

That's true. Although, on one of those pages there's a dunlop crybaby bass wah going for a little over $3. Even with the $12 shipping cost, that's a hell of a deal. There was no reserve and not a terribly long time left. I bet it will be sold at a great price, but who knows.
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First time on ebay?
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True, Delirium, but some of the ones I've seen under $6 are in their last few hours.

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First time on ebay?

As a musician, yes.
The trick to eBay is knowing which products to look out for.

For example, anything that Peavey made in the 80's/early 90's is almost guaranteed to sound good, feel good, and be practically indestructible. The T-40 is a prime example of this. You can get one for under $300 if you look, but they're better quality than anything Fender has ever produced, and a good deal more innovative.

Anyway...Peavey rant aside, there are quite a few brands with low resale values that you can take advantage of. Carvin is also a big one, as are G&L and Schecter, and quite a few others.
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