Using an OD as a clean boost, but on the FX loop instead of the front of the amp.
Does it really hurt your tubes more than just cranking the amp?
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im not exactly sure how it would work but it sure got my attention. i would love to try this with my b-52 AT-100 and my turbo tube screamer. anyone know anyhting about this?
well, i dont think it will tighten up your sound like it would being put in front of the amp. it would wear out the power tubes a little faster, and give you a bit more power tube saturation i guess. probably not very good for tight metal

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well, someone needs to try it. i would but i don't have an OD
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I would think that it would just drive the power tubes harder and give you more volume but I'm probably wrong on that. It for sure won't work the same as in front of the amp though.
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I actually do this with a boss OD in my loop. I believe Pepper Keenan from Down also does this. On my Bogner Shiva not my fender. Lol I don't think it hurts the tubes. It just allows me to get better sound at slightly lower volume.
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i do it with my Ts9, makes the amp sound fatter, almost more marshall voiced, you loose a bit of attack dynamics when its in the loop compared to in front, but i think it does tighten up the sound a bit. i like it because it gives me two sounds.
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