okay, i just finished my first attempt at building a bass. almost everything works perfectly, except the tone knob. it sounds fine at full, but when you turn it down all the way, it cuts the volume of the bass completely. This is really weird, and i have no idea what is happening, I got the wiring diagram off of seymour duncan's website and its weird
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you can buy another tone pot from warmoth for like $5+shipping
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sounds like you don't have a capacitor on the tone pot so it acts as a volume pot.
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Yeah, Oneblackened may be right... Does it have any effect on the tone at all when you turn it?

Plus... You made a build? PIC TIME!!!
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There is a capacitor on it, it's wired just like the seymour duncan website says

And yes, it works as a tone pot all the way until the last little bit, then it just cuts the volume.

As for the pics, theyre all on my cell phone, and motorola sucks so you cant get pictures off unless you spend like 30 bucks on some stupid program.

EDIT: You know what, theres a digital camera somewhere in this place, I'm gonna go take some pics
mis placed wire i bet
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I'm guessing a stray wire touching something it shouldn't or the capacitor is bad. If your got the cap too hot while you were soldering it then it's very likely that you burnt it out.
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Oh sweet, i fixed it. turns out that the bare part of the cap was touching the copper shielding in the cavity.