Here is a song Ive been working on for a while. Very progressive metal oriented with varying heavy and soft themes. Let me know what the board thinks. C4C! Thanks
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well the song isn't exactly my type.But the first thing is that you don't have a primary rythm you just do some kind of chord progresions and solos that are not connected.Bar 22 chords sounds pretty ugly to me but overall part of the solos sounds pretty good.You nee to work on the harmonics a bit.
hav to agree wit immortal , actually it's not really a song but just one riff folowwing each other , also the transitions on't really seem to fit , especially the first one introducing the acoustic part of the song , also the 5/4 just seems to be put in because your riff eventually has 5 beats but the phrasing doesn't really fit the time signature , and the solo is quite strange , too , i'D definitly add some drums for the beginning and then use a backing progression to ging it some kind of shape and not just to be a huddled mass of notes .. a lot of work still to be done here , I'm sorry may seem a bit harsh but it's just not ready to really impress someone I'd say, but I think if you put efoort in it it could still get to something

please C4C Identify

Thanks in advance
Parts are cool, and there are some really good licks in here, in general, but the song doesnt really have a flow. It goes back and forth, but it never builds in one way or another.

Drums would help, but you've also got to decide what kind of song you want, and arrange and rewrite accordingly.