Yeah. I wrote this a while ago, and only now thought maybe I should upload it. So C4C as usual. Thanks. Hope you like it Oh, and it's short.
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I must say, this isn't a genre I'd listen to that often.
But this is pretty good.

The leads at the begining were cool, but got a bit boring after a few repeats.
I really enjoyed the solo at bar 25. Simple, but nice.

Wow, that's an end of it, or was this just an idea/intro type thing?
It really did sound like it would be a big epic piece.

Overall, reminded me of Glasgow Kiss by John Petrucci. But that's probably just because of the genre, there aren't really any similairitys in melodys and such..

7/10. It's a good start - I really want to hear more though, but I can't crit' a song that isn't there.
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Wow, thats really cool.

However, one thing I found a bit off-putting was the switch from 8ths to triplets.
I didn't really like the triplets, but the 8ths were pretty sweet. The solo guitar has a realy nice melody, though maybe you could spice up the bass line?
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