Who do you think is the best songwriter. The actual chords / music don't matter. As far as words in a song, who's the best??? As far as me, I think that it's, without a doubt, Bob Dylan. How 'bout you?
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Yeah Dylan is probably the best, buit others who are good could b Cat Stevens, Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Jais Joplin, and some of Robert Plant's stuff as well (e.g. Tangerine).
Yeah I agree with TS Bob Dylan has a way with words. I mean so many other artists cover him and do fantastic things with them. Gun n' Roses, my man Jimi, Clapton are just the most famous that have covered his songs and those are amazing covers. I don't really like Dylan as a musician, but probably one of our most inspiring song writers yet.
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All of Plant's work amazes me. His lyrics just draw me into the song.
Neil Young, says I
I’m not the man I used to be, I... I can’t go back to Arkham.

I... I should return to Arkham.

Among the churchyard’s mouldering stones I recognise a name – my own.
I have come home to Arkham.

Bob Dylan and Neil Young. Honorable mention goes to Tom Petty.
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I'll second Dylan. Him aside, I'm a big fan of Jim Morrison's lyrics. Although much of their impact lies in the delivery, they are nonetheless beautifully dark.

"There's a killer on the road,
His brain is squirming like a toad,
Take a long holiday,
Let your children play,
If you give this man a ride sweet family will die,
Killer on the road"

Sends chills down my spine.
Norman Whitfield, Neil Diamond, Carol King and Arlo Guthrie
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Pete Townshend.
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IMO, plant is the best. if not one of the best..

you cant tell me that the lyrics of stairway to heaven are not short of amazing. and to think that plant wrote most of them in on sitting is even more amazing..

but id also say lennon/mccartney. and i really like hendrixs lyrics.

oh and john frusciantes lyrics are insane as well
For me it's Peter Hammill (Van Der Graaf Generator) without any doubt!!

Fish (Marillion) is great too!! (and quite inspired by Peter Hammill by the way)
Robert Hunter.
Bob Dylan.
Jim Morrison? I love the Doors with all of my heart, but I really don't understand half of his lyrics. They're an abstract form of art which I have to respect. My favorite lyrics from him would have to be Moonlight Drive. Also, Not To Touch The Earth.

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