Well I was playing my xbox 360 on an HD TV a couple minutes ago and everything was fine. Then I brought it back into my room to play on a regular TV and the video isn't showing up. The sound works fine but no video . Already checked the connections, everything's snug and hooked up right, any help?
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Did you remember to flick that little switch back on the AV cable?
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Check your A/V cables that plugs into the back of your Xbox. There's a little switch that you need to switch to standard definition. It's set for high definition now.
^ I'm sorry, is the AV cable the one with the video/sound hookups?? I don't see it.
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1. Make sure the xbox switch is turned over to standard quality again. (where the lead connects into the xbox)
2. If that fails, load it on the HD TV and change your video output from HD (1080i/1080p) to what ever your normal TV supports.
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Awesome, found it. didnt even know that was there.. Thanks for all the help guys!
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It's the Red/Yellow/White cables that plug into the back of your TV. There's a little switch on the head that plugs into the back of your 360. It has two settings one for HD and one for Standard Definition. You want it to be on Standard definition
its the really big mother thats on the back of your xbox360... its the one that splits off into 6 little components... by the by... are you still using the red blue green ones? if so thats your problem... but most likely its the switch on the a/v thing