my 30 day trial ended and i don't have 50 bucks for the license. hell i don't have 15. anyone have a key for it or know where to download a cracked version? or know of another program like it that's free?
You could download it again maybe? That works for some programs, I've been on a free trial from a few programs for years. You could also just get a job, or if you already have one, wait for your paycheck. Believe me, you don't wanna illegaly download. It makes you paranoid man.
I did, but i bought the game a couple of months later cause I would always be afraid they found out.
i tried downloading again, didn't work. thanks for the suggestion though. i don't mind downloading anything illegally as long as it's not like kiddie porn or other ****ed up things like that. as for a job i've got one but there's a million other places my money gets sucked to first. sigh -.-