Ok, i have absolutly no clue how to run this thing, i installed the drivers to my computer. So its on there. I have windows xp by the way. But i just dont know how to record with it, it came with GT digital guitar processor software, still no clue how to use it. Is the sound sposed to come out of my laptops speakers, or am i sposed to run my monitors some how with this? I really need help with this because the directions are absolutly trash.

Thanks Devin
uhmmm do you have a recording program?
chances are you plug into the interface, open up GT software, open up a recording program and play away.
when you open up GT software i would think you should be able to hear through your speakers, or maybe by plugging headphones into the amp.

if its not working try going to start, control panel, sounds and audio devices, and make sure the maudio is set for the audio device
Oof, this is hard. So i should be using an amp with this? Because my dumb butt just plugged my guitar into the interface and opend up GT, i thought that i could here my self playing through the laptop speakers. Im sorry im not very computer savvy, i just play guitar lol. How do i make sure that m audio is set for the audio device what does that mean? And for recording program, i thought that this had it all, the cd that i installed i thought had all i needed. Oh yea i am way new, well my account is old but i just started using it, so how do i subscribe to this thread so i can come back to this?
Whats a DAW? Im sorry im just a guy who self taught himself guitar and is trying to go the cheap route for my bands recording. You really do need to talk to me like i am retarded. sorry.
well i guess ill like you eventually lol. Ok, ill try that tomarow, but wouldnt using a mic in front of an amp pick up nasty sound that will be a bitch to condition?
Quote by Mad78
well i guess ill like you eventually lol. Ok, ill try that tomarow, but wouldnt using a mic in front of an amp pick up nasty sound that will be a bitch to condition?

not unless your amp has excessive hum, which you should be eliminating anyway. How do you think they record instruments for albums? Do you think they just plug guitars into their computers and add amplifier effects?
well i am using a shure sm58 and beringer powered floor monitors, and a little line 6 spyder 3 100 watt practice amp. should i invest in a expensive condenser?
you could plug a guitar cable from the pod/headphone out of your spyder and plug it into the interface so the sound goes directly in
ok i am hearing stuff now, thanks loves, but i still dont know how to record with it. Im thinking that i need some recording software and the interface just is a way to connect guitar to computer, am i correct?
I have the Fast Track USB as well. Mine came with software: Session. I imagine yours did too. Install the software, plug in the interface and you should be good to go.

And stop bumping the thread and double and triple posting. This site has rules against that sort of thing.
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im sorry if im double posting but i need help. And i did install it, and saying just plug it in and your good to go doesnt help, if you cant help dont post, i need to know how to use the thing.