Has anyone heard anything about this? The Schecter Hellraiser V-1 FR just got released last year...and it seems surprising to me that it would get discontinued after just one year...but after taking a glance through Musicians Friend's website I noticed that the guitar is on clearance. It also seems that there really isn't any focus being put on the instrument on the Schecter website. I've been looking into getting one of these and it seems really horrible to me that an instrument that was so well done isn't really getting the justice it deserves (yes, I do realize what a dork that makes me sound like).

Could anybody shed some light on whether this is true or if I'm just an idiot?

(just for the record there are some new V-1 models on there too, but I don't really like 'em as much. Having things like thunderbolts, playing cards, etc. on the fretboard just seems way too cheesy.)
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