Edit: For those of you who don't want to read too much, my question is basically: Would the Mustang's 3-way slider switches fit in the Jaguar's 2-way slider plate (while still being able to switch between all three positions)?

Hey guys, I'm planning on buying some shiny new pickups (SD P-Rails actually) for my Jag HH and wanted to mod the circuitry a bit to be able to split (rails/p90), series (humbucker) and also parallel if I can.

Anyway here's what I was thinking:
I wanted to replace the Jag's 3 2-way sliders for some 3-way sliders (like the Mustang's). The first two sliders (wich normally just turn each pickup on/off while in lead circuit) would be set up to switch between p90, rail and humbucker mode for each pickup. The third switch (normally for bass cut, aka "strangle") will be turned into a "pickup selector" (losing the bass cut), ie neck, middle, bridge selector.

The rythm circuit will be slightly modified just so that the neck pickup "mode selector" slider (wow, that was a mouthfull) will also apply to it while the rythm cuircuit is active.

Anyway, the success of this project depends on wether or not the Jag/Jazz sliders are the same size as the Mustang's. I dont mind if a little modification is necessary to the switch plate of the Jag but I really don't want to do anything too drastic.