so my cat died about to 2 weeks ago, i had her for all of my life, 15 years, and i was wondering, would it be worth while get a second cat, would that help me get over it, or just make it worse, please help
I had to put my cat down a year ago idk I just moved on
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kittens make everything better

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I don't know if you should get another one, sorry about that guy. It is like losing a family member ain't it. What happen to it.
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that sucks dude. i've had 2 cats die on me.

i wouldn't get a new one immediately. give it a few months at least.
Just remember the joy that the animal brought you... you made that animal's life so much better then it would have been stuck in a shelter or wherever you got it.
I have had five cats die or run away over the years, and im only fourteen. get a new one it'll help, or even get a dog. they are more of a commitment though
I wouldn't get one right away, but when I did I would get a kitten so it could be like a new start.
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my poor cat isn't too far behind. diagnosed with CRF a few months ago. he has good days and bad days. i just try to make him as comfortable and content as possible..

sorry about your loss
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I'm sorry for your loss. I say, get a new cat when you feel you are ready. When my dog died back when I was 12, my family waited all summer before we got a new dog. Any sooner and it would probably have felt like we just cold-heartedly replaced our old dog, like he wasn't ever there.
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Get the smallest cat possible, and name it Tank, or Rhino, or Mr. Balls

I'm so naming my next cat Mr. Balls.
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yo dawg I herd you like dead cats so I took a shovel and killed My Cat! So now you Can Mourn My cat WHILE mourning YOUR cat!!!!!
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get a black lab and name it n***er,
my friend calls his dog this..its one of the funniest things you could ever imagine.
thanks guys, i think i'll wait a while and maybe rescue one from somewhere, not sure yet thought.

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yo dawg I herd you like dead cats so I took a shovel and killed My Cat! So now you Can Mourn My cat WHILE mourning YOUR cat!!!!!

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i killed a bunch of kittens once when i was 8 i put them in a ice chest to keep them safe from the dogs and they ran out of oxygen or heat dont really know
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