Here is the scoop on The Baphomets. If you didn't already know he was just banned for the pear thing yeah and he didn't give up there. After that he went to the forum of the banned and posted it again there. Then they took away his ability to post. Then he made a thread with it in it and they totally banned him from the forums. He wrote this in two blogs he just did and he really wants to get a deleted profile. He sounds crazy and I have no clue what his deal is. Check out his two blogs to see for yourself.https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/member.php?u=848024
k koo
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i can see why he likes elevators, theyre a truly uplifting experience

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Posting about a banned person is not generally condoned on this forum, and threads like this are usually swarmed by *reported* birds.

*Takes out binoculars*

Beautiful plumage