just curious if this is safe, im running my PODxtLive into a GSC (PA)PowerAmp which is the GX3 model. the poweramp is running into a 240watts Orange 4x12.
my worry is that the poweramp could hurt the cab sense it says it puts out 350-500watts depending on the ohms of the cab etc. my cab is 16ohms.

the GX3 manual says

350watts for 8ohms

500watts for 4ohms

just worried about overpowering that 240watt cabinet, so far(havent accually cranked it that much) it sounds decent to me with the orange cab but im worried about using it at band practice.
Since the cab is 16 ohms the amp ought to make quite a bit less than 350 watts, so as long as you don't crank it I think you'll be alright. Also, speakers are usually made to take 150% or their rating. As long as you aren't hearing speaker distortion then you're probably alright.
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