I have an Epi S-310 that severly needs replacement tuners. For those who don't know, it's a strat copy. I've seen good things about both Sperzel and the Fender Schaller, so those are what I'm looking at. If anyone can give me good, bad, or both about either of these it'd be helpful. Also if you know what kind of tuners are currently on my guitar (which are stock-I couldn't find out anything esle), I heard that both the Sperzel and Schaller could require drilling so... yeah-that could influence the decision. Thanks!
Check out Planet Waves - they've got locking tuners that clip the string ends off for you. I had em on my Les Paul, and they were very solid and reliable.
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They were cheap tuners. Didn't keep tune between playings and didn't have a screw to tighten it up even. The Planet Waves seemed like all it really had going for it was the clipping thing and I've got wire cutters for that.
Hey man, check out LP Addict in my sig, because he can you a discount on stuff from www.allparts.com , which includes tuners .

Anything licensed by fender or gibson tends to be pretty dece.

Protip: Avoid tuners that cost less than $60 new, cause they probably suck. Exceptions can be made. Ask here first.
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