i was thinking about buying a MF ring mod, im real big into pink floyd and i wanted to make some of those crazy ass sounds, even though i know they had a keyboard and all this other stuff. Ive been looking at youtube videos of people using the ring mod and they seem to only use it as a tremelo, if anyone knows any other uses for it i would like to know. If you could post youtube links that would be appreciated. Also if you could suggest some pedals that make crazy ass sounds ( ex: digitech whammy)

All help appreciated, thank you
Glass - Incubus. Mike Einziger uses it a bit. Reviews have said it's a little limited, from what I've read.
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ehh, idk, not to impressed, although that did remind me of yet another question. is there a pedal that provides just drum beats? i know the cheapest boss loop pedal has a drum thing on there, but is there a pedal that just does drums?

btw, thank you for your help
If you aren't impressed by the Adrenalinn 3 you haven't looked at it thoroughly enough. The Adrenalinn series pedals are ridiculous.
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I give up.

ah okay, ill re look at it, thank you all for your suggestions

any ideas on the drum pedal? ( yes i know the addrenalinn has one)