bartender preps a mix of sugar and keflex
'goes down easy', she says.
Let it slide, have another,
things start getting social.
the knockout in the black tights tripping on purpose,
squinting her pretty little clouds like its winter,
and snow, the more it snows, I show
through my skin, the glistening, the waxy sweat
only seen through a camera lens and her scream; her flash.
That split second of disorientation leaves me blinking
through my mind like the self absorbed liar I pretend I'm not
But I am and I know it; A man in a gorilla suit selling pretzels at the zoo
The animals scream as I pass without even knowing I envy them

I envy their reality.
Why am I so determined to be the cause of all her suffering?
It's all my fault she's dying, after all. I'm that undermining son of a bitch.
Third Person, back shot, like a chase scene, cause its all about perception.

'have another drink', she says. 'it goes down easy.'