I have an acoustic gig coming up and for most of the songs me and my mate coordinate on the guitar but for songs that don't call for two guitars it would be nice to have a percussion instrument to give the songs a less-hollow sound.
Obviously I could always just tap about on the guitar but it would be nice to have an interesting sound in there as well.
A lot of the songs are new-ish pop-rock songs so anything that would fit with that, but keeping in mind these have been made acoustic.
So any suggestions for a handheld percussion instrument?
A triangle, maybe. Perhaps just click two drumsticks together.

Go into your local music store and just look at all the cheap percussion instrumentas they sell. Don't necessarily buy something, but that should spark some ideas.
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I saw an acoustic performance where the guitarist sat on something and hit it. The people called it like a drum box or something.

Yeah that's a cajon, sadly i'm the singer as well so sitting down isn't a preferable option, also they're quite hefty in price.
djembe? bongos?
how about something of that nature?

Tamborine? though be careful if you do this. they can overpower an acoustic guitar really fast and have a tendency to get annoying if not done with taste.

shakers? marraca? if your going for cheap, you can make them yourself.

The drummer in my band uses a djembe or a tribal drum he got when we go acoustic. I think they work really nice.