I am saving up to buy a new pedal, though I'm not sure what yet. I was looking at a MXR Carbon Copy, as well as a phaser, and some other stuff.

My question is, what do you think I should get? My price range is 150-200 dollars, and I want to get one or two kickass pedals. I like to play mostly blues, but bands like Modest Mouse and The Strokes are fun too. Whatever your opinion, post it on here with a reason why I would like it.

And right now, I have an Ibanez Tubescreamer, and a Vox Wah pedal.

Gimme advice plz lol?

Carbon Copy is a great little analog delay, phenomenal sound for the price. If you're not looking for loop features or stuff like that, it's one of the better options out there.

Phasers are tough. They are very responsive to your set-up, and can be kind of finicky. To be 100% honest, I hate the sound of most cheap phasers, although EHX's Small Stone is pretty good. I think they run in the $75-85 range.
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the carbon copy is a prety solid pedal. however..if you save another 100 bucks..you can get the tc electronic g major..which has every effect known to man in it. phaser, delay, whammy, everything. HIGHLY recomend it..youll never need another pedal.
Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention the gear. I have a Mexi Strat fitted with Texas Specials, and a Fender Blues Jr.
i actually prefer my ibanez ad-9 over the carbon copy. its 10 bucks cheaper too. i also think im the only one on UG who prefers it though...

id grab either a CC or ad-9 off ebay, along side either a phase 90 or small stone. if you get stuff used you should be able to easily get one of those delays and a phaser for under $200.