I just found out that there is a School of Rock opening near me. I was interested in the lessons they offer but I also saw they have some concert crap or something. Now I've been playing for over 4.5+ years, but I wanted to know if anyone had any opinions on these types of places?
Try it out
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do they have a website? what do you want to know? you have to give us something to work with here...
It will probably be bad because of the commercialism that it has received.

I was at lollapalooza and they had a booth set up for the School of Rock, and generally it was beginners and little kids that went there. After all, it was in the kidsapalooza area. If you have been playing for that long then I guess you probably will surpass all of the other students as far as I know.

So I would say go with a teacher that is a little more well known, and get private lessons.
I wanted to know if I would look like a d-bag for going there. I don't know, I was skeptic.
I thought this was about the film
Above post may or may not be true.
Whatever you do, make sure you come to school in style so you get dibs on the groupies.

I recommend a KFC bucket, mask, and FUNERAL. (next halloween I'm doing a show as him, [hopefully] should be epic)
i have nothing to add to the discussion.

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They opened stores to capitalize on the success of that film?

No, the place was opened long before the movie came out by a man named Paul Green. It's completely different than the film. Actually there was a documentary made about Paul Green's School of Rock called, "Rock School". I'd get you a link, but I'm pretty busy at the moment so just IMDB or Google it.
My friend goes there, and she's in the advanced group, and it pretty much kicks ass.
ok, yeah. my name is silly because I signed up when I was 13.

It could be good.
Is it free? If so, may as well do it.
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