Alright, I'm probably going to be answering my own questions here and sounding like an idiot, but I'm hoping for some helpful input and a cheap way out.

Drums - My stepdad has a set of pretty fancy Shure drum mics.
Amps - I have a Shure SM57
Vocals - I have an MXL something...it's good enough I guess..can't afford to go buying something fancy
Bass - I guess we're plugging straight into the interface or getting a DI box or something

So we're good on actually recording the stuff..kind of
We just need an interface and some software.
I have a Mackey Onyx Satellite, but that won't do the drums since it's only got 2 inputs and can only output 2 tracks at a time and I DEFINITELY want drums on separate tracks. (SIDENOTE: I can't find the install disk for my satellite. If anyone can help me out with how to reinstall it without the disk, i'd really appreciate it.)
So we were looking into getting http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/product?sku=184131V so that we can have all the inputs and all the outputs. That's a lot of money so we're hesitant to spend it, but it seems to have everything we need and would have us set.
But if we get this we need software that'll let you have 7 inputs at a time for all the drum mics we have. This comes with Cubase LE, but if my research is correct, it only lets you have 4 at a time. We've considered leaving the bass drum out and doing it later, but that still leaves 6 and there's not really any way around that unless we don't mic toms which is kind of meh since we use them a lot in our music.

I don't know much about free software other than audacity, but is there some free software that allows this?
If not, what is the minimum I would have to spend to get this running?
We don't want to settle for less here, but really we just want to get the tracks down because we're sending them to our friend who is a sound engineer and is going to mix it all for free. We just need the raw tracks.

Sorry this is such a long post, but I really don't want to spend a fortune here...since the $370 for the interface already makes me cringe.

Thanks in advance.
First of all, you should be able to install the Mackie by downloading drivers from the Mackie website. I found this with a quick web search which may help http://www.mackie.com/products/satellite/update.html
Alternatively, if that doesn't work, drop Mackie an email. They should be able to help you with this.

Secondly, that's a good choice of interface, and will certainly cope with your needs. For software, I would strongly suggest you get Reaper, which can be found at www.reaper.fm. There is a 30 day free trial, with just a $40 licence after that. It doesn't force you to get the licence, but it's nice to support the makers.

Reaper doesn't have a track limit, and is good enough to rival more expensive sequencers. It's easy to learn to use as well, particularly if you have experience with other similar software.
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Firepod is great, get that and yeah reaper i suppose (i'm on a mac so i don't know sorry)

But you won't go wrong with reaper, hell you might find that cubase LE DOES work.

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