So, I have a MIM Strat with a hot rail I've been using for a few years, and was looking for an upgrade possibly. My main candidates were between a Telecaster Deluxe and hoping for a great deal on a used Les Paul Studio (would be down with one with dot inlays, and a plain top). Untill, I came across this in brown: http://ibanez.com/eg/guitar.aspx?m=ART300 One seller has this on ebay for 400 including a hard case, though I'd deff. try a store demo before buying on ebay. I've read for the price its a very good deal, but I'm just not sure about a few things: would this even be an upgrade from a Strat, considering it costs about the same? And I play a lot of stuff similar to isis/neurosis (sludgy/doomy metal). But how good would active pick ups be with clean tones? Anybody else with info on this guitar would be helpful.
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Well it's almost in the same class as your Strat, so I can atleast tell you you wouldn't be losing anything on the deal, just comes down to playing one and seeing if its worth the upgrade to you. Personnely I love the ART series...great playing, great looking guitars. They're fairly light guitars and while the pickups are still stock, they really don't sound too bad. Cleans might be a little thin, but for metal it'd do great. Cheers
i heard that active pickups tend to have a cleaner and more crisp and defined clean tone compared to passive ones.. that's why acoustic guitars usually have active pickups, to get that very close acoustic tine.. anyway, i haven't tried that particular model but i like them.. the only stuff that hindered me from buying them was the active pickup.. hehe.. although they're great, i don't want batteries to bother me.. it's just my taste..

i don't know if you can call that an upgrade, but probably an alternative tone.. domething different from a strat.. even if your strat is only a fender MIM, it's still fender.. it's still a nice guitar.. so maybe what you'll get from the ibanez is an added tonal versatility.. just my opinion.. try one out..

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well the ibanez woln't be that big of a upgrade put put some new pups in it and that will dramatically upgrade it.
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But would you say this is a good option? or would it be better pay another 150-200 for a used Tele Deluxe?
SO. The Guitar Center by me has one for $290. It is the floor model, but I think I can probably get them down a little or throw in a free case. I'm very very considering this, has anybody haggled with GC before?