I'm trying to learn Banana Pancakes but the bar chords are messing with me. I tried playing with my bar finger palm down but as hard as I press the lines in my fingers mutes some of the strings. And when I use the side of my finger I can't bend my other fingers from that angle to press the other notes. Am I doing this wrong?
just keep at it. it will take a while to strengthen the muscles in your hand. it would be easier to learn them on an electric because of the smaller neck.
Oh, So should I keep practicing the sideways way or the palm way,,,I don't wanna learn the wrong way and have to learn all over again.
I find it is much, much easier if I let my index finger extend out about an inch past the strings rather than have the tip of your finger somewhere around the low E string. This position puts my fingers in a much better position to fret the other parts of the chord. Learning this little trick helped me make a whole bunch of progress with barre chords.
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well just start with an e chord with your middle finger on the g string, pinky on d, and your ring on the a then move to the first fret with the only change being that you hold your index palmside on the fretboard dont worry about the muted notes you will get it eventually. i probably gave you more info than you needed but i hope it helps
for me, it doesnt matter as much what i do with my index finger as it matters where i put my thumb. i havent played bar chords very long, but i have learned that the key to playing them consistently is being able to repeatedly find the right place for the thumb under the neck, to allow the fingers to both stretch and press adequately.