I just recently got a book to help my singing get better. THe book i got is set your voice free. The audio exercises. I jsut got done with a full exercise , it was about 20 min totaly. Gag ga , gogo, nah nah nah, no no no. Doing this to piano keys. I was doing it with my mic and listen to myself to my headphones. It sounded right to what i was matching. Few times i strayed away from the keys. THen he would do it again and i match it. When i got done. I felt this lump in my throat. I immediately went and grabbed a cold bottle of water from the fridge. Why did this happen? Is he changing my voice from crap to good? AM i ruinin my voice? I dont think it helped that i drank beer today either they might have been very dehydrated.

well i dont think it was the beer cause i always drink and sing. What he was doing was real exercises. So maybe my dinging needs not to be mixed with alcohol. Also i had ice cream about 30 min before i sung. SO maybe cause of the mucus i was straining to hit them notes that i can usually hit. Also its cold in my house . Winter NY 11 below . Lota of factors hehe
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