I am looking to do a screamo/post rock/hardcore project and I need a guitarist more then anything. I can program guitar quite well but, guitar VSTS are still not complex enough and amp simulation lacks.

I can do the vocals and write all the music if you aren't interested in that part. I can also do professional drum programming and mixing/mastering. 7 Years experience audio engineer. I use Guitar Pro 5 for the final midi/tabs.

Thank you, UG
I'm up for it, but I don't have much good gear and I've only been playing for about 3 years, so I dunno if you'll want me or not. I've got two songs on my profile that I wrote and recorded on my home setup if you wanna check my work.

Best of luck to you finding a guitarist man. (Y)
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I was in a studio for those recording and our next CD is in a studio too.
But I can do it multiple ways. I normally record direct into my 8 track recorder (great quality, no joke) or I can also mic my cab and do it that way.
So you wouldn't mind doing some screamo influenced on post rock and groovy hardcore? I plan to mix the project because I love sad stuff but then I love my groove. Basically screamo/hard rock mixed with funk drumming. But still keeping the harsh vocals.
Yeah mate, for sure.
If you give me the stuff to play, i'll play it. Or show me some similar style and I'll write similar styled stuff.
Alright sounds great. We definitely have potential here. You seem to be open minded with a nice set up. I'll send you some stuff later that I wanna record and you can look at it and see if you could possibly write some weird stuff.
Cheers mate!
Yeah no worries.
What tuning do you want to do it in? I have 10 guitars, but I mainly tune to B,Gb,B,E,Ab,Db as that is what my band uses.
Well I use write in a pretty low tuning because some of the riffs I write aren't very heavy unless its in a lower tuning. It really doesn't matter though, whatever you think would sound best or whatever is easiest.
Yeah righto, fair enough. Sounds good to me mate. Do you have msn? I can send you a couple of the guitar tracks for my bands new songs and see if you dig.
if you're interested, i know a crazy good metal guitarist i could prolly hook u up with