hi there, maybe this should be int he recording bit but ah well

im looking at getting a POD 2.0 for practise though headfones and recording. when recording, do i still need to use an interface between the POD and computer (i have a m-audio fast track), or can i plug the POD straigh into the computer and record like that (without using the computers **** sound card etc).

Quote by guitar-godfrey
id say you could plug the headphone out into your computers mic input jack?

I'd say thats not a very good idea, as it'd be low quality and distort? ...i think.

I thought POD's had a USB cable for this kind of thing? :S

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pod 2.0 doesn't have USB right?

you can plug the headphone out of the Pod into the line in jack of your soundcard. although it'd be preferable if you had some sort of interface to line out to.
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