I search bar'd and found nothing. so anyways... one person makes a topic, others can follow that topic for a little bit, or someone can hijacked the thread and make it about something else completely. Make it bascially as random as you can.
1st person: "This thread is offically about Orange juice *links picture of orange juice*"
2nd person: "i agree *links picture of orange juice*" or " No!... this thread is about Incandesant lightbulbs."
So all in all....
This thread is offically about Killer Robot Suits...

The gun shoots the nerf rocket things, theres a trigger by my finger... and it has flashy lights to, I patrolled the halls at my school one day with that on ... good times...
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its gonna take some kind of killer robot suit to stop this from getting closed. attack the mods! go for the eyes!
I have no opinion on this matter.
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