OK. First post... ever.

I've been lurking around this forum for a little while and decided to register and post:

I just got a new (cheap) guitar. It's an Epiphone Wilshire re-issue. I bought it for the express purpose of being my live guitar - I wanted something that had a dual humbucker config that I could put new pick-ups on.

Which is why I'm here. I'm looking for good suggestions on the pick-ups. The stock bridge pick-up is... decent. It's not great. It's a C+ student. The neck pick-up is terrible to me, it's just mush.

My band plays primarily in the style of old Sabbath and we have some Thin Lizzy dual lead moments. I play through a Fender Deville Deluxe (when we play bigger clubs I have an eminence loaded 2x12" extension). I've re-tubed the amp to make it a lot more musical and it breaks up a lot easier.

I'm sort of sold on the idea of a L500XL pick-up (the real deal, not a USA) but I'm worried that I'd be stuck with a pick-up that has a cocked wah sound to it.

Any of you guys have experience with the L500XL? I can't find any good sound clips - the ones on YouTube I've found don't sound like they were recorded well enough to give me an accurate idea.

I'm also interested in what I could put in the neck to go with the BL - I'm sort of sold on the idea of having two different companies pick-ups on the guitar.
I'd like to have a better idea reagarding the tone of the L-500XL too. Lots of positive opinion, hardly any soundclips of the current Wilde version.
I've got a real deal L500XL. It is a very treble-y pickup. It cuts through the mix pretty well. I'm just not too keen on it though because it is a bit too treble-y for my liking.

For the neck pickup, I wouldn't get something that is too bass-y because the contrast between the two pickups would be too much. This is the case with my guitar with the Bill Lawrence + DiMarzio Air Norton.