I bought one as my first guitar, a strat copy.
I didnt knew a thing about guitars back then and it seemed nice so i picked it up.
It was a starter set with amp, picks, bag and everyting, for 130 euro's xD
So the last few days a have been trying to find something about Tenson guitars and i cant find anything on the net.
Does any of you guys know were these are made and if they are good guitars in general(dont think so :P)?
Or anything?
They are the same league as Everplay, Dimavery, Harley Benton, Sounder and such-really bad guitars, but better than nothing when bought as a first guitar on a tight budget. I did the same so I know
On a side note, there is one company which makes seriously good instruments for the money in the lowest-low medium price range-Tyme guitars. Check them out, you can be suprised.
Helpful, but in an ooooooold thread. orobably resolved 8 years ago.

Check the dates before posting, next time.
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