Here is my Black MIM P bass. I believe its an 04 or 05 model due to the MZ4 serial number.

I got the bass completely stock besides a gold pickguard.

Heres what I did so far:
- Kahler mirror pickguard
- Gotoh 201 Bridge
- Schaller strap locks
- Awesome "IN EDDIE WE TRUST" sticker I found under my desk.

Pretty standard crap thats not really SHOCKING!

I also ordered some stuff thats coming next week:
- Badass Bass Bridge II
- Seymour Duncan SPB 3 pups
- Rotosound SH77 Steve Harris Strings

I have a Brass nut for the bass as well:

Deciding whether or not to put it in.

Coming up in two weeks:
-More Screws!
-New Neck Plate
-Fender Maple Neck or maybe a purpleheart Warmoth.
-Painted on "binding" like Steve's. (Definitly not the same color as his) (Most likely White or if I can a Chrome color to match the hardware.
-Hipshot tuners (For the new neck)

The bass is tuned to only E STANDARD. And to cover maiden tunes

Let me know what you guys think!

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very nice
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I wouldn't call this close to a build. You're swapping out parts. It looks nice, but you didn't build anything
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As Chuck said, this is more of a mod than a build.
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also, why the hell are there so many screwholes in the pickguard?

Those look like he did it no? Looks like a good bass to mod, hope you have fun and make it to be a little more respectable!
Quote by maidendeth13
also, why the hell are there so many screwholes in the pickguard?

I am missing a few screws and the ones in the middle is for the thumb rest and a pickup cover I believe.

I have a few questions about your bass. YGPM.
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