hey fella's,

In a few days I will be going to a music store hoping to find a replacement distortion pedal for my (recently declared) dead Metal Muff.
(a few days ago it exhaled burning fumes and it stopped working)
Actually the muff did not really have 'my' sound in it, so I'm hoping to find a new pedal that does.

I'm looking for a pedal that has a deep, bassy distortion. I like bands like Metallica, Foo Fighters, Alter Bridge and 3 doors down.. so it must be able to handle metal, hard rock and rock.

The gear I will be using it with is:
- epiphone les paul
- yamaha pacifica
- Randall RG50TC
- Epiphone Valve Jr.
some other pedals (wah, delay etc..)

do you have any suggestions? I myself have been looking into the Proco Rat, is that a good choice?

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Maybe a boss metal core?

If he likes to burn his ears off.
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MI audio crunch box can do hard rock and rock but your Randall already handles metal so no need for a metal distortion pedal.
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I was recently shopping for a distortion pedal of the past three months. I was really close to getting the Metal Muff but went with the Rocktron Metal Planet. After the honeymoom with the Metal Planet, I'm not very happy with it. Looking back, the other pedals that I did like were Hardwire Valve Distortion and the Ibanez Tube King. The more expensive pedal that I really liked was the Seymour Metal Mayhem. The only pedal that I considered but didn't try was the Vox bulldog (I heard sound clips of it and was impressed.)

My main distortion is a mid '80's rat that I am extremely happy with; but, I was looking for a quality pedal to cross into some metal tones with out buying a completely polarized metal pedal.
Try a Little big muff...

Its like a slightly thicker bassier version of the big muff

My guitarist is gonna go get one, and I heard him try a few pedals out, That one to me was my favorite, and would suit those styles well in my opinion
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I'd suggest something along the lines of the Satchurator, Twin Tube Mayhem, or something simliar.
They're very versitle pedals with a natural sound to them.
If you already have a nice overdrive, or plan on getting one check out: proco rat, boss MD-2 (stay away from the metal pedals for god's sake), and the digitech hardwire.

If anyone is thinking about pointing out that I named distortion pedals after talking about OD pedals, that was intentional, he asked for distortion not OD.
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Marshall shredmaster or the byoc clone of it. Plenty of bass, good amount of gain, lovely thick sound. do it.
maybe look into the visual sound jeckyl and hyde. it's a distortion pedal and an overdrive pedal in one compact unit. really versatile. really br00tal tonez can be achieved by blending the two sides.


kinda expensive but you can probably get one used on ebay for da cheepz