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Jackson DK2M
7 54%
6 46%
0 0%
Voters: 13.
Please help me choose between this two, specs :

Jackson DK2M Dinky SW - alder body, bolt-on maple neck, maple fingerboard, 24x frets, 2x Seymour Duncan humbucker pick-ups, low profile FR-style tremolo, black hardware. Colour: Snow White.

The LTD EC-500 guitar replaces the EC-2005 anniversary model in LTD line. It features a set neck 24.75 in. scale design, Mahogany body, 3-piece Maple neck with 24-fret Ebony fingerboard with model name at the 12th fret, string-thru body bridge, and EMG 81/60 pickups.

If you could tell how one is better than another, i would appreciate...

This is for me to play heavy metal, also neoclassical... i have a roland cube 60, gt 10 for effects...

Also any other guitar to the 700 Euro (800 Dollar) price range that would fit for ..are also welcome
You better go to a store where they have both these guitars and try them out. They are pretty much equal in quality, it's just down to preferences.
- The necks are different: D profile vs U profile, maple fretboard vs rosewood fretboard
- Do you prefer a 24.75 scaled or a 25.5 scaled neck?
- Also the bodies have pretty different properties: thin light alder superstrat body vs thick heavy mahogany body
- Upperfret access will be better with the dinky. Les Paul styled bodies arent very upper fret access friendly. So if you have small hands and you are planning to play alot of crazy solo's that would be a turnoff.
- Do you prefer active pickups or do you like passive pickups? Search for passive vs active pickups on the internet, you will find alot of intel on that subject.
- Do you want a tremolo, or not?
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I just got a DK2M and I love it. Lovely neck and excellent licensed trem. Try before you buy, though.
well i myself would get a new amp instead, but those two guitars are completely different.
If you like thicker necks, active pickups, and chunkier tone, and stop tail you get the LTD. If you like thinner necks, passive pickups, a more of a leadish soloing tone, and a floyd rose you get the jackson.
I'd get the jackson, because i prefer passive, thinner necks, im a lead guitarist, and i like floyd roses.