I have some songs (about 100) in a Microsoft Word document. I would like to write chords in the document above the text. Right now I do it like this (with spaces between the chords):

Am D
This is an example
G Em
This is an example

My problem is that if I change something in the document like changing the fonts style, the chords jumps around and is no longer above the right word. Is there any smart way to write chords in Microsoft Word or should I use another program?

Thank you.
Quote by kenan6346
Use another program definitely.

Or stop changing the fonts.

so whats the other programe ??????????
Use something like WordPad or Notepad. Just wrap the text.
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Power Tab is the solution for those who don't wanna spend money on a music notation program.

Guitar Pro is the solution for someone that can spend a small amount of money on a music notation program.

And Sibelius/Finale is the solution for rich people
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