Everything i've been writing recently has been all in the 1 key, so I thought i'd look into key changes, I know a decent about a theory but I've never learnt about key changes.

I studied a song that had a key change from F# minor scale to E minor scale, so that's a key change of 1 tone and it sounded good.
But, are there any more key changes you could share? like intervals or from 1 scale to another.
Don't say from Major to Minor, like Am to C ect.
I searched.
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Moving a tritone(b5) in key can be an interesting change, when done correctly.

But really, a key change of any interval can be made to sound interesting. The challenge is in doing it.

Thirds and fifths seem to be popular intervals as well. But maybe I'm just noticing all the wrong songs.
can someone tell me wtf thrids and fifths and all that stuff means??? im a f***in newb but w?e im trryna learn stuff
A common key to move to is a key with one more/less flat/sharp.

A common way to do this is to play the V7 of the new key, which will pull towards the tonic of the new key, then play the tonic of the new key, then carry on whatever progression you want in the new key.
There are a million different ways of doing it, and they can't all be explained on an internet forum. Learn to read music and pick yourself up a good harmony textbook.
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The way I always did key changes is either really sudden, or smoothly. I had one song go from Cm to Dm. It worked because I played the C# a 16th note before the D and it introed it good, being the #7 and all.

Another way (which sounds good for more instrumental stuff) is to find a pivot chord. A chord both keys share. Like another song I did went from Cm to Am. I did a half cadence (to end the Cm section) and then had a V, which is the vii of Am, therefore leading smoothly into Am, which was my next chord.

In order to do key changes smoothly you'll need to study up on some theory though ;]
I don't know a lot about theory but usually when during a bridge or a solo part of a song I write if I go 2 frets higher it sounds pretty good.
Check out Beatles songs or if ur not into that stuff, check out some of Marty Friedman's stuff.

They are filled with modulations/chord subs

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