Okay i have a music exam in about an hour for school. i play the french horn at school and i was just wondering if anyone had tips on sightreading. i've been playing the horn for like 3 years so its not going to be crazy but at the same time it isn't going to mary had a little lamb. any tips are apprecitated.

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yeah ^ um you cant really be taught or know how to site read without actually practicing it
practice is the key
learn how to divide beats, learn how to write out the counts of each measure, do that alot. watch the key signature and time signature
Go through it in your head before you pick your instrument up, so you've got an idea of what its meant to sound like
Get a real book or something with lots of tunes or basic melodies and just sightread a few each day.
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Okay i have a music exam in about an hour for school.

So you want to learn to sightread for guitar in an hour?
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