I have a chance to buy this for $80 is it worth it? Might be a fun project guitar the add dosnt explain alot just that its an Ibanez. thanks.

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Only one pic is working. $80 isn't bad for a guitar if it works...it would be a good project if you wanted to upgrade, paint it.

EDIT: they're all working now. I'd go for it! You can do a lot of upgrades to it and it would be a great axe.
I'd get it for sure
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hmm it doesnt look like a real ibanez to me, just a copy but a damn good one, id pay $80 for it

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For $80.00 you can't go wrong. I would snap it up fast before someone else scores it. From the looks of it in the pics it looks in pretty goos shape I would say it's an older Ibanez maybe from the 80s if you get it check the serial number out if it has one some of the older ones were never serialized.

thanks guys!! Yah im am looking for something cheap that might be a fun project. Ill call the guy at lunch time
is it an ibanez EX? I have one and refinished it, didnt cost much, doesnt play any better(neck is warped, pickups suck) but at least I learned something
What model is it?
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That looks way too contoured to be an RG.
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Pics aren't great but I've never seen an Ibanez that looks like that...
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looks like a 1993ish Ibanex EX

very low end, very crappy unless you get the upper ex range
I think it's a gio, one of the old ones. They're pretty cruddy, so a perfect project guitar; try bartering on the price and getting it for less, the gios are next to worthless.
I cant see the front so I cant tell what it is so therefore I cant form an opinion
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There's a reason the front isn't shown. I wouldn't get it.


Yeah, you need to see it first.
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Yeah, you need to see it first.