I'm going to be playing soon on a stage where my pedalboard will be out at the front of the stage, and my amp will be far away backstage mic'ed up. It will be around 30 feet away. I run some effects in front of the amp and some in the loop, so I need 3 patch cables to connect my pedal board to the amp. I've never played with my amp so far away from the pedal board before, and typically just connect to it with 12' cables.

I guess I'm going to have to hook it up with long patch cables, but am worried about signal degradation. I'm thinking that I probably need to buy a boost pedal. Any other tricks to know when connecting to an amp far away like that? Thanks
Just the way this stage is going to be set up, they want all the amps hidden from the audience or something I guess. Everything will be miced to PA.
to be 30 feet away then it must be a big ass stage.
but yeah, if your that far away, you will need long ass cable.
with long ass cables you get alot of built up capacitance and treble bleed. youll pick up alot of nose too. you may even lose some volume. you might want to build a simple line driver.
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It's a fairly big stage and my pedal board will be near the front left of the stage. The amps will be backstage behind a curtain. Maybe it's not quite 30', but a lot farther than I'm used to.
to solve your probelms go for an MI Audio Boost N' Buff.

read up they're amazing.
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High quality cables will help with the signal loss issue. A pedal with a buffered output will help to. You might want to think of a buffer between your guitar and amp.
Pshh, what you need is an LPB-1. It's $40 and one of the greatest inventions ever.
Mitchell? has a good idea. Also, There is also a cable called Zero Cap. It is a 30' cable that claims to have zero capacitance. That would be good for the long haul to the amp.
I've been thinking about buying a boost pedal anyways, and the LPB-1 is an option. I was also wondering if the Seymour Duncan pickup booster or a BBE Boosta Grande would be good options.