ok, i have been playing and studying guitar/music for nearly 6 years now, i am going to university in september to do my BA hounors degree, and yet one thing is bugging me..... the effects loop input on my amp (carlsbro glx50) what does this actualy do?
It allows you to bypass the preamp section of your amp, and put the effects in front of the power amp section. It puts the pedals after your amps distortion. Its mainly used for delay and modulation effects. You would want to put overdrive/boost/distortion effects in front of the amp, not in the effects loop. I don't use mine at all, and just put all my effects in front of the amp. Just experiment with what sounds best to you.
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if you use the effects loop it means that the signal going from your guitar to your amp is as pure as possible. All pedals will remove some of the tonal qualities from the signal and it is better to use the effects loop where possible. it does however require more cables. and eyebanez333 is correct. put OD and distortion effects in the input line, not the effects loop.
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