Hey Guys.

I have been thinking of doing a guitar build. I was looking at some wood blanks earlier and in the process I came across a nice bass body. this may sound stupid but it is kinda serious. is it possible to convert a bass into a guitar.


this is the bass im on about, i know a friend who has this and is will to give it to me, how kind, but i'm not a bass player and am not that keen on learning bass, so i give this question to you, keep the body basically how it is, with exceptions of pickups and adding a different bridge. I don't much like the neck or headstock so i would deffinately change that.

anyone know if this is possible??
You can if:

1) You stick wood in all the routings and re-rout it all, or

2) have a very bad sounding ****ed up guitar.
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It is possible, but it would have to be a bolt-on, you would have to move the bridge up pretty far, you would need to maybe make a new neck, pickguard, pickups, tuners, lots of things. And I hope your not gonna ruin a limited edition Shadows bass. If you really wanna try this, do it with something cheaper and more common.
It would need alot of work, and probably a heck load of custom/one off parts made for it.

But there's no reason why it couldn't.

I'm not saying it would be a great guitar, but eh. If you're that desperate and are willing to put the cash/time in....
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Thanks guys,
I think i'm going to go with qottsa1998 advice of starting with a cheaper bass.
I don't know why but i do think basses look quite nice and I do think i'm going to do this.
I agree, try it with a cheaper bass first.
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you can get a guitar just like that
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Is that one of those baritone guitars the guy from Earth uses?

anyways, TS, i say just make your body, you'll learn more that way.
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Is that one of those baritone guitars the guy from Earth uses?

no it's a bass like the guy from the shadows uses
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I looked into this before, yes it is doable, you need a new nut, and youll have a really long scale length, and you might have difficulties getting strings to fit. The tuner holes in the headstock need to be filled, and new ones drilled, and you need to fill the bridge holes and redrill, same with the pup holes. On the up side, most basses have the same nut width as guitars do so you dont really have to worry about that.
You will need to get a new neck, fill in and reroute all the pickup holes, fill in and reroute the neck pocket, and then do all the stuff that has to be done just to refinish a guitar.

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No i mean, is a baritone guitar a bass converted to a guitar? Same scale length etc?
No, a baritone guitar has a scale length of around 30" where a bass is 34"-35"
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