Can it be any 9v adaptor?
Do they only say to use a certain one because it gives their company more money
Or does it actually screw up your wah pedal if you use the wrong adaptor?
Im going to buy an adaptor for my Dunlop Crybaby Wah and I was wondering if you have to buy the one that it says to, or has anyone just used any old 9v and its been fine?
I don't want to buy one if I can use one my dad already has.
The adaptor for my VOX wah is Proline so I guess you can use any brand. Don't take my word for it though.
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just make sure its the right voltage and you'll be fine
they do say that only to get you to buy theirs,even though proline and all-parts and comapanies like that make the same thing even though they dont make the pedal or make any pedals at all
If you use the Dunlop brand and something happens to your pedal because of the adapter then its covered by warranty, but any 9v pedal adapter should work.
Yea same I run my Dunlop dime wah on a Digitech rp50 adapter as which i also run my Boss mt-2 metal zone with and my digitech hothead. hehe O well as long as the voltages are right you should be fine but check it should tell you on the side.
Last time I tried to use a separate adapter it didn't work, I don't know why. Nothing happened to the pedal, it just didn't work.
But as mentioned before, just check the voltage and you should be fine.

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oh ok thanks guys so it'll work for my boss MT-2 aswell im guessing?