Hello, I am searching for a beater guitar in the ball park of $100. I realize that whatever I buy won't be a quality instrument but oh well. Well anyway, I prefer like a smaller bodied guitar, like a parlour sized. I'm looking at the Yamaha JR-1, the Johnson JG-420, and I've heard people say they bought A&L Ami parlour guitars at around $150, though the cheapest I can find is $279... Any suggestions or experience with the aforementioned guitars? Thanks.
I don't have any experience with these guitars, but Yamaha typically is among the best for quality in cheap guitars. So there's a little help and a free bump for ya
I got a Fender GDP100 for college until I get a nicer acoustic. It's parlor sized and most people think it costs more than the $180 I paid at GC for it. I don't think its on Musicians Friend, but either way, I recommend it.
Is there a distinction between a 3/4 scale guitar and a "parlour" guitar? I don't want to make the mistake of looking at something that is a child's guitar or too small...
Well, this isn't exactly a guitar in your price range, but.....here's a really nice looking Takamine
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I have a Johnson JG-100 it was like 70 bucks so look into that. It doesnt sound too bad and keeps in tune pretty well.
hey coastie, can you comment a little more on how the Johnson sounds?