It it rude to ask people to wash their hands before playing your guitar? Someone I know always wants to play my guitar; but, he is the most are the filthiest masturbating, nose picking, greasy fingered people I know. Plus I usually wash my hands before, to get the oil (pizza grease, etc) off so my strings stay in good shape. Am I being a dick by asking him to wash his hands?
no, just annoying, at least to another person. i understand where your coming from but its kinda nit-picky
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I'm the same way
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Well its ur guitar. theres no problem for wanting people to wash their hands before they play your guitar. as long as its not a beat up squier p.o.s. :P
my brother in law is quite a greasy man, but i dont mind, it can be cleaned
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With those fingers, you should have to ask him to wash them.. <.<

If it's just this person, then I guess it's okey? :s At the same time, it isn't according to me. Like yeah, sure, he should wash his hands, but if he does it, everybody else does too.

That's justice.
before you go to play guitar let him hold smth greasy or sth like that, he well go wash his hands automatically loool
Its your guitar so its not unreasonable to ask someone to wash their hands before playing. If he doesnt want to wash his hands then he needs to get his own guitar to play. Some people act like its a bad habit to wash their hands.
well, i ask all of my friends to wash their hands before hand even if they're not dirty. i usually do so the better damn do it as well (it's expensive tho, my cheaper guitars i don't' actually care if they washed their hands or note)
I have a similar friend, I usually don't let him play my guitar at all.
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It's YOUR guitar. You have every right to ask him for that, and he should understand. I know I understand when someone asks me the same. And that has happened quite a few time.
I always tell people to wash their hands before touching my guitars.
If they don't like it, to bad, it's mine.
If I'm doing it to further the life of my strings why shouldn't they have to as well.
Dead strings suck and changing them isn't particularly fun either.
Depends on the person......If I knew someone who was a slimeball Id probably ask them to wash their hands as well....but most of the people I know who play I don't mind them just going at it.

How bad are you talking here with your friends.....do they have fresh splooge all over their hands or something?
It's not rude. It's very gay though.
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I would say you are totally right... specially with this kind of dirty, ugly guy

Jesus, I would never allow such kind of being to touch not only my things, but myself or my clothes!!

I wash my hands very often during the day, not in excess but I like to keep things clean. And when playing guitar, it is also good to use cleaning towels if your hands sweat a lot, you don't want to damage your strings and hardware...

So keep your guitars away from him, specially if masturbation just took place
If someone I knew asked me to wash my hands before playing guitar I wouldnt be offended, as long as I have easy acsess to some where I can wash my hands.
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i always tell people to...it annoys me when people play with greasy fingers :@
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Good grief I can't believe anyone would think that's rude, you got it backwards homey! THEY are rude for daring to touch yer axe with them grimey hands.

It doesn't matter if it's your first $99 Best Buy guitar or an ES-335, it's YOUR guitar and you have every right to slap the **** outta someone for thinking they can funkify it up. With my friends that don't play but like to just hold my guitars and have a laugh when they're over, they know it's completely outta the question to touch 'em without having clean hands, it's not even anything I have to say, they just know and it's not an issue whatsoever. Sounds like with this person, they're just unaware so you have to bring it up.

It's not rude, nitpicky, none of that-- it's simple respect and common sense. Would you think it's okay to take your muddied up boots into your pal's brand new car?
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