Right, i was wondering the other day, is the stuff i write actually in the deathcore category?


(sounds wank cos its guitar pro 5 with RSE)

Critics are welcome lol
But yeah, any feedback would be great!


C4C too

(btw, if anyone wants to have a pop at putting some vocals to any of them then message me and i'll send you the track!!)
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like getting punched in the face with awesome

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"I am Osiris" at 2.22 i like how it goes "BA-BA-BA-BA---Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba---BA-BA--Ba-Ba-

its badass.

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heheh, sounds awesome, sounds like the Death Metal soundtrack to Duke Nukem :P

Id say the "work in progress" is pretty deathcore-ish. Beggining is very hardcoreish, and the rest is pretty death metally.

Its pretty hard to make out the ****bast one, the sound is pretty pants. I would say that overall you write more Modern Death Metal then the -core elements.

you shuold have a bash at recording them!
Ahhhh this stuff sounds great man!!! Sort of has a Matias Eklundh (sp) vibe to it. I think if you made the drums a tad bit louder it would sound fuller. Kudos for sounding like yourself man and thanks for checking out my tune. Ill be waiting for more stuff in the future!

I think you definitely write in the style you're going for- I'm not as familiar with these types of metal but what you have is great to listen to. It sounds like most death metal i've ever heard. My favorite was $hi7bast, it was good all around. A lot of cool riffs and some really heavy parts. The "mario lick" made me crack up too that was a nice touch. The riff that starts around 2:27 is badass, and the drums fit it perfectly.

Prog attempt and WIP were both great tracks too. You ought to work on actually recording some of these!

c4c? this isn't very similar to what you have though
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Thanks fellas!
means a lot that anyone would actually listen to them haha!

But yeah about the recording, i dont have any sort of recording equipment, and no job means no money to buy anything

I play the stuff that i write and have a few mates who want to get a band going but they have jobs so it doesnt really leave room for jamming sesh'es or recording time

I'll get summat sorted soonish though, keep you lot posted
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like getting punched in the face with awesome

Quote by diler1089
"I am Osiris" at 2.22 i like how it goes "BA-BA-BA-BA---Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba---BA-BA--Ba-Ba-

its badass.

Hahaha, kickass. Love it!
If I could find my XLR to 1/4" cable I'd love to put some vocals on these...

I used to make a cross of death metal and kind of hardstyle techno, this reminds me of something similar.

Crit mine?

If you click Show all MP3's you can find Industrial Accident, the one that sounds kind of hardstyle.
Your riffs sound like crazy Technical Death Metal
Especially the Riff in the song "Prog attempt" 0:20-0:40 sounds cool it has something of the band Necrophagist