hey, im gonna get a load of pedals soon as i have none, but could you recommend me any types of pedals i should get or you think are good?
i'm into most types of rock apart from metal or stuff like that. i like jimi hendrix, red hot chili peppers, and muse. no pedals over about £60
Please reply!
You need all of them.
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Big Muff Pi is one you definately need, as all 3 use at least some sort of fuzz. A Phaser would be cool, maybe a Phase 90. Some sort of delay would be cool too, but they all seem to be a bit expensive for a good one.
well, for those bands I would defenitely recommend a fuzz, that can do heavy and light fuzz, so a Big Muff Pi. Then some sort of modulating pedal (either chorus, flange or phaser), as they all use one, prefferably the phaser (don't know that much about phasers, so ask someone else, or check 2 posts above me). Then optionals are wah (they all use it, very frequently), and maybe a delay for muse and rhcp.
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What amp are you using?
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