theres no sound coming out of my computer at all.
Yes,i have speakers plugged in correctly.
And the volume is turned up.
please help.
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xjosheex, you have made a simple answer to it all haha

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Is your computer plugged in? This is very common mistake


try reinstalling drivers
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wrong port, serious
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What the hell do you need sound for?

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restart computer

This. Used to happen with my old computer.
check wave in the advanced sound menu.

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gunk in mouse
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Reinstall your drivers, look up on your manufactors site and look around... or just good your comp make and model number and after that type in "sound driver." You'll have to restart your comp. Also, open Windows Media Player and play something, it it's the drivers, it will say something like, "Sound drivers not found."
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See if the sound is up in the control panel(found in the control panel). If it is, reinstall drivers.
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reinstall your drivers.
Direct sound buffer error?

my driver was corrupt 2 days ago and i got no sound, but the computer acknowledged sound coming out of it.
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