I have "inherited" a Fender squier strat from my friend that was in OK condition. I cleaned it up and started to restring it but noticed that the strings go from being really close to the fret board near the head of the guitar (to the point if i strike an open string it buzzes) to coming off the fretboard near the end of it by the body.

What are some things I can look at, or threads I can read to help me with this. I wasn't quite sure what to search for exactly.

intonation might be off
neck could be warped
or you might just hafta reset the action and make all the strings level

Id advise taing it to a shop and having someone look at it. Youll have an answer in 5 minutes
You can try raising the bridge. But if that doesn't raise the strings near the top, it could be a problem with the nut.
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