sounds good, but i would get one until a lot of people had it. you know, to check if they are fine or not.

Looks great to me. I just watched some videos, and it looked solid.
it's all just coming back
it's all coming back

it's all coming back to me
Quote by ldnovelo
sounds good, but i would get one until a lot of people had it. you know, to check if they are fine or not.

...Although you'd better hope he doesn't wait because then it'll take even longer for this thing to gain a market share and build a rep, whether it'll be positive or negative.

If their build quality is as good as the one in the demo video then I'd say they sound pretty useful. Go for it!
I have a TremKing myself although I've only had it installed for a few days... so I'm still getting familiar with it.

Also I've had a few small problems/questions with it however I'm emailing Rusty at TremKing to try and work them out.

I'll post a full review later on (a week or two) when I've got a solid opinion on it but at the moment I suggest you wait and see if my problems are properly sorted out.

I'll just mention some of the problems I've had so far... but don't take this to mean that the TremKing isn't a fine product... I'm still figuring that bit out.

1) Tuning stability

it's a fixed bridge and locking tuners and a graph-tech nut help.

Yep, it definitely needs locking tuners and a graphite nut. I have both and I've even resorted to using big bends nut sauce as well! The TremKing returns to perfect pitch if I upbend, but seems to return slightly flat if I dive. Obviously this doesn't really mater too much because if I've been diving I can do a quick upward flick of the bar and its back in tune. It is a bit annoying though.

2) 'Grounding' noise

I've run the ground wire from the springs exactly as per the instructions. But if i touch the trem arm without touching the strings a strange 'static' noise (note: not normal buzzing) comes thru the amp. If I touch the strings the noise goes away. This seems weird to me because the strings are grounded through the tremolo block, and the arm is in the tremolo block... so shouldn't the trem arm be just as grounded as the strings are?? The only reason I can think of is because where the trem pops into the trem block appears to be lined with plastic - maybe the plastic is insulating the arm from the rest of the block?
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