I currently own a BBE Sonic Maximizer 482 rack (this is not the place to start throwing out your opinions of it) and am about to purchase several more items as well as a 5150 head and a 2x12 cab. Here's the list of what I am getting, my only question is, how would I run/route this?

Peavey 5150 head (has effects loop)
2x12 cab
BBE rack
EQ rack
BOSS TU-2 pedal (tuner)
BOSS NS-2 pedal (noisegate)

Would it be like this?
5150 send in--->EQ rack--->BBE rack--->send out;
5150 guitar input--->TU-2 pedal--->NS-2 pedal--->guitar

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looks about right to me. though in all honesty, you can put the NS-2, EQ and BBE wherever you think they sound best. try different combination.
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