ok i want a new pracive amp just of for my room not for recording so i found these i wanna know which one is best
Masrhal MG
Roland Cube
LIne 6 spider
Peavy vyper
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Vypyr or Cube is best. Others are junk.
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Quote by VisionaryTics
Vypyr or Cube is best. Others are junk.

Add in a Vox modeler to try as well.

But what kind of music do you play? That will kinda drive your decision between them.
I would strongly recommend the cube. It's versatile and surprisingly loud.
If you like to play all sorts of different music, go for it. It has respectable clean and distorted tones, with others in between. And that's aside from all the effects.

Roland make really good stuff.
The Cube is a really good option and is very cheap while the Vypyr is the best if you can afford that little bit more. In both cases the 30w versions are better than the smaller ones.
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I just got the Cube 30x a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to get the Vypyr, but there were just too many people talking about problems with Vypyrs from hums to squeels to boot up problems to just plain not turning on. I didn't want to risk that. My original intention was to get the Cube until Peavey fixed the problems and then storm GC like a Walmart shopper on black Friday to get a Vypyr,...

...but the Cube 30x is excellent. One of the features I like is the "Power Squeezer" which with the press of a button changes the amp from 30 watts to 2 watts. In my house I need that. There are a variety of amp models that provide various degrees of gain and briteness. There is also an amp model that's supposed to simulate the sound of an acoustic guitar, but it doesn't even come close. The clean channel is fantastic. It's a quiet amp - there is no hum even when situated next to a tv. I never dreamed an amp could be so quiet. There are a few effects, but I'm not an effects gal. I got bored after messing with them for a few minutes.

I won't be getting a Vypyr.