When I was practicing guitar my amp fell on its face, because I pulled it over when I was getting something. Now it doesn't quite work, it's in an odd state, I'll explain. First off when it fell the input plug pushed mildly inward, I can still plug my guitar into it though, but I can't get the bolt screwed on it, because it just falls off whenever I plug my guitar in, this is what I believe to be the main problem. Now the amp itself still turns on and it still works, except that it's eternally stuck in one setting, which is high gain and very low volume, this is the only sound that comes out of it, if I try turning off the artificial overdrive it doesn't even make a sound. So my question is what exactly is wrong with it and can I fix it or should I take it in to get fixed by a professional. By the way it's a $75 used amp so I don't know if it would be worth it, I also have checked out the internal electronics and nothing appeared to be broken. If it makes and difference the amp is a Hiwatt Bulldog 20.
take it to a pro and ask how much he'll repair it for
if its not worth it buy a new amp
MF sells em new for 85 bucks just about any amount of repair work will cost close to that. When it fell over it probably broke some of the pots away from the PC board. Or screwed up the pots themselves.